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I'm Nicola De Rosa

Hello , my name is Nicola De Rosa from Naples, Italy, and I’m a Developer. I started when I was 12yo as a self-taught person, than improved my skills with courses and lectures, which helped me becoming great in what I do. I'm also currently studying medicine to become a doctor. I hope that with my studies and my determination I will fullfill one of my biggest dreams: to combine medicine and development and to create something new that could change the interaction between these two worlds.


What I Do

  • Improove Ideas

    I take your idea and help you to realize it improving it and optimizing it...

  • Development

    The programming language is a "medium", not a limit. Every chance is a good time to improve capabilities...

  • Android Specialist

    Android Development is my spearhead,I worked a lot on Android code and with Android Studio IDE...

  • Sys Admin

    The Server architecture isn't a problem,I choose the best hardware and the best software to make your thing Great ...

  • Optimization

    Any troubles you find on your project caused by other people can be solved.The bug is behind the corner but also the solution ...

  • SEO

    I try my best on website positioning.With the trend studying I choose the best way to communicate to NET ...


Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me, if you have questions or requests. If you want to start a free conversation you can do it on Telegram , i've linked my Profile before. When you send me an email through this form you accept the Privacy Policy

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